Working In Digital Media Week 12

Howdy all. Hope all is good wit ya’s? So this week’s guest speaker was Fiona Heart.  Fiona is involved with Palm Webstore EMEA, which is an e-commerce set up. Fiona has spent the last 15 years in the Sales and Marketing sectors. Now, Fiona is solely focused on E-commerce. Palm is a key innovator in smart phones. Whilst with Palm, Fiona was required to drive and deliver financial targets and grow revenue, to create loyal and satisfied customers and also to provide market intelligence. The Palm online store covers 16 countries. Here they sell hand held mobile phone devices and accessories. It also gives the customer the opportunity to contact the business for the likes of bulk orders. They also ensure that the background of the business such as dispatching of orders etc. You also need to be aware of fraud, you should verify the orders placed by contacting the customer. I didn’t attend this talk though I got really  great feedback from everyone. Well we had our interviews today and I have to say they went really well. I got all done up in my suit which was nice!!!!! I went for the job at “IPLANET” which was a graphic and web designer position. I had followed all of Maria’s great advice from last week so I had the company fully researched. I was interviewed by Mariread and Emer who were both really really nice and they immediately make you feel comfortable. The interview, I felt, went really well and I think (I hope) that I did ok but i suppose my results will tell me that!! Today was a great day. The  interviews seemed to go really well for everybody and we also had most of the guys dressed up in their suits which was a bit of craic.

Thanks as ALWAYS for taking the time to read this blog. Again a MASSIVE thank you to Kevin Donnelly wom has been very good to me this semester. So that brings me to the end of my Working In Digital Media blogs. I have to say that this has been a very rough year for me but what doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger. I know that I have missed so much this year but I am also proud that I haven’t fallen behind in any of my assignments. I must say a very big thank you to Clodagh for all her support patience and help throughout this year. Also thank you to Ronan for being there for me too. I would also like to thank the AMAZING friends that iI have made at ITB and who have heelped me through this tough time especially Kevin Donnelly and Derek Joyce. I am a very lucky guy to have these two guys by my side. So although I missed most of it I really enjoyed Working In Digital Media and Semester two as a whole. Looking forward to next year!! Thank you so much for sharing this journey with me.

Take Care

Gary Cunningham


Working In Digital Media Week 11

Hi all and welcome back to another Working In Digital Media Blog. This weeks guest speaker is Maria Brown. Maria is a Careers Development Manager here at ITB  and is talking to us about interview skills as we have our Interview assignment coming up. Maria was really really nice and gave us a short talk on how best to prepare for your interview. She was extremely helpful and took the time to answers everybody’s  questions. She first told us how important our C.V is and to watch out for grammar mistakes. Also that we should list ALL of our achievements as we need to let the interviewer know what we have achieved.  Maria also stressed that we should NEVER paint a negative picture of ourselves and to also have examples of what we are good at/achieved.  In our preparation for the job Maria said that we should:

  • Research the company – websites, word-of-mouth etc
  • Look for job descriptions(Position) and specifications(Person)
  • Work out a strategy
  • Know everything that is on your C.V.

Maria then gave us some examples of what we could be asked in our interviews such as:

  • Tell me about yourself? – Talk about college, hobbies or interets
  • What do you know about the company? – Research
  • Tell us about your work experience to date.
  • Can you tell us your strong points? – Driven etc…give 200%
  • Weak points? – Yes man, leading to too much work
  • Tell us about your third level studies?
  • What type of people do you find difficult to work with? – turn the answer round to be positive.
  • Why do you want to work for this company?
  • Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

All in all I enjoyed this talk that Maria gave and found it ti be very helpful especially with our mock interviews coming up.

Now for the news you have all been waiting for!!! We finished our stop-motion photo story!!!!! And here’s the final result:

I really hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it. So that’s it for another week. Next week will be my last entry for this semester 😦

I hope to see you back here for that one.

As always thanks for taking the time to read this.

Take Care.

Working In Digital Media Week 9

Hey. Welcome back again to my blog. This week in Working In Digital Media our year was taking to the Dail and to the Science Gallery. Again I missed out on this due to personal reasons. Unfortunately the general feedback I got from my fellow students wasn’t that good and not at all what I expected. A lot of the guys couldn’t see the point in Digital Media Students going to the Dail and to a Science Gallery. Also the general feeling was that we are under pressure to finish assignments and that if the trip had any relevance to what we are studying then it may not have been so bad. Not everyone shared these views but unfortunately that was the general feeling. I was talking to Derek Joyce about it and he had a great time saying that himself and Kev from my group saw some really interesting things in the Dail including all our old money, the chambers, and a flag that was given to us by John F. Kennedy himself when he came to visit. It was from an Irish battalion that fought in a few of the American Civil Wars. Derek also loved the Science Gallery and has suggested we go along, so I think I’ll take him up on that. So not a great week for some in Working In Digital Media which is unfortunate. Although the feedback wasn’t great I am still disappointed that I couldn’t go. I feel like I’m missing out on so much this year but unfortunately it cannot be helped. Your health is your wealth as they say. Thanks as always for taking the time to read this (not so positive) entry. Hope to see you back next week.

Take Care.

Working In Digital Media Week 8

Hey. Welcome back to my blog. We had no guest speaker this week in Working In Digital Media so again I would like to take the time to tell you about our assignments. We uploaded our story boards for a stop-motion photo story. We have decided to go for a very rough look and as I was saying in an earlier blog everything will be hand drawn. The idea is that “Aaron” is walking through a city, enters a park, sees “Ella” for the first time and they fall madly in love!!!!! Ahhhhh!!! Kev is handling all the drawing and is underway with it so stay tuned for the finished product. Also this week we had to upload our  tri-fold brochure. I did mine on a fictitious web design company that I own!! I really enjoyed doing this as we had to use Illustrator and I really enjoy using it. Though it wasn’t always like that!!Because of all the college I missed i fell RIGHT behind in Illustrator and found myself getting peed off as I was so far behind everyone. But Clodagh was great and she sat down with me and gave me a crash course. So here’s the finished brochure:

Don’t mind the bits of stripes that are running off the side, this picture is a screen shot from Illustrator. I’m really happy with this and quite proud of myself too!!

So that’s it for another week. Thanks again for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you back here next week.

Take Care.

Working In Digital Media Week 7

Howdy all. Welcome back to Blog city. Again I have been absent from college so these blogs are all down to the help of my very good friend Kevin Donnelly and all group A and also Derek Joyce.

This weeks guest speaker is Fiona Kelly from Glimmer Digital Design, which is her own business. Fiona is also part of FLK Studio. Fiona came in to talk to us about inspiration. There are many places out there that you can draw your inspiration from, all you have to do is know where it is and how to take certain parts and make it your own. Some of the projects she worked on include:

Scooter Island

Fiona done a couple of weeks research when she was creating this project. She looked at images of Vespas (the bikes) and advertisements for them. She also looked for retro designs for bikes and then looked at style elements.


Fiona was involved with creating a flash banner ad for the website.

Some advise that Fiona gave us was to look everywhere for inspiration and do our research relative to the projects that we are working on. She also told us not to really confine ourselves and to learn as much from all programs.

I am really disappointed i missed this talk as Graphic Design is something I am really interested in. Again the feedback was excellent and again a MASSIVE thank you to all of Group A especially Kevin Donnelly.

So that’s it for another week. Thanks again for taking the time to read this. Hope to see you back again next week.

Take Care.

Working In Digital Media Week 6

Hey all. Welcome back to my blog. There was no guest speaker this week so I thought I’d take the time to speak about the assignments we have had so far in Working In Digital and also to tell you about the really cool assignment we have coming up. So far in this module we have been asked to create our C.V which should have an element of design in it. I went for a very minimal design (two colours) as I feel that too much would distract the person who is viewing it.

We then had to create a “Book Cover” which will basically house our C.V. The book cover was to be a visual representation of yourself. I made a collage of photos of all the things that are important to me which included THE most important element of my life my son Shane.

We were then asked to make a power point presentation to talk about our C.V and our book cover and to also give a little more insight into ourselves and to show what we hope to achieve when we finish college. Our next assignment is to make a tri-fold brochure advertising a company in Digital Media. This can be fictitious so I am going to create one for “Gary Cunningham Web Design”. The really big assignment that is coming up and is one i can’t wait for is we have been asked to make a stop-motion photo story. There are examples of this on my first entry of this blog. We will be split into groups of three/four. Our group is four so it’s Me, Kevin Donnelly, Shaunna Brennan and David Smith. I am really looking forward to this. Our idea is going to be a modern take on Adam and Eve (we’re calling it Arron and Ella) set in modern day suburbia. Kev is going to draw all our scenes and characters so stay tuned for the final product. We will also have to sit mock interviews whic I think is a really good idea as it will prepare us for what a interview will be like if we’re lucky enough to sit some after college!! So that’s it for another week. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Hope to see you back next week.

Take Care.

Working In Digital Media Week 5

Hey all. Back again for some Working In Digital Media niceness. Again I have not been in college so a MASSIVE thank you to all my fellow Creative Digital Media students especially Kevin Donnelly and Derek Joyce.

This weeks guest speaker was Emma Wade. Emma is a visual artist based in Dublin. She generally works with installation, Digital Media and Performance. She graduated from the Institute of Art & Design Dun Laoghaire. She then worked in a design company for two years. After this, Emma moved to Dublin to a high street printer. After Emma paid a  visit to the Irish Museum of Modern Art in 2005 she  decided that she wanted to be an artist. Emma also has a Master Degree from the Fine Art Department of NCAD. Here, she learned about new technologies. At the end of first year, she created the ‘Cheer Up’ sound installation. This was designed to lift  people’s spirits. Emma’s inspiration for this came  when she woke up to the sound of cheering from the crowd outside her apartment during a marathon and thought ‘ wouldn’t it be great to wake up to cheering every morning’. People would stand on a mat and each time the mat is activated, the cheering gets louder. For her Masters exam, she created an exhibition  from the point of view that her dog would see from. She attached all kinds of equipments to the dog including a  gps, a mini cctv camera and a skype headset. The project was called ‘Rexotrek’. With her exhibition, the people needed to enter this by crawling on their hands and knees to experience the piece.

After this, Emma partook in a three month internship at the Guggenheim museum in Manhattan, New York.  Emma has recently done an artist residency in Limerick City Gallery of Art where she worked on ‘Behind Smoke & Mirrors’ for a month. Her practice is based with RedSpace Studios in Dublin. One of the latest projects Emma has done is the H.U.G.S. (Human Utopian Generation System), which gives the user the sensation and feeling of getting a hug. The inspiration from this stemmed from the free hugs movement. Dr. Temple Grandin and her “squeezing machine”, also helped in this creation. The jacket is made up of bin bags and bike tubes! Four different jackets were created, each with a different intensity. For more information on Emma you can visit her website at

Again this lecture seemed very interesting as did Emma herself. The feedback from my classmates was excellent and I’m sorry that I missed this one. Again a MASSIVE thank you to Kevin Donnelly.

Hope to see you back here next week.

Take Care.